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I translated LC Chapter 135! ^^

Sasha: Long time, isn't it, Brother.
: The 3 of us together since that battle in Sanctuary,
: I'm happy.
: The Promise we made that time of the Flower Band,

[Tenma and I]

: I think it has come true.

[Brother Alone]

: For me, do you know how precious those days are to me?

Chapter 135: Put an End(Full Stop)

Alone/Hades: Those days you were my little sister...
: Ha!!
: You still the Goddess that likes the smell of humans.
: But I too are glad!
: This long farce with you all,
: [time to] put an end to it!!!

Tenma:  Come...!!
: Sasha...

Sasha: Yes! Put an end to this, Hades!
: There is only Holy War right here!

A/H: Hoh!?
: You understand, now?
: !!

Sasha: Yes.
: I understand.

A/H: Kuh...

Sasha: Those days of us are no longer.
: The only thing is to settle this!

Tenma: Sasha...

Sasha: Let it end,
: our days,
: [and] this Holy War!!!
: Please come!
: Hades!!!
: Tenma...

Tenma: I won't let you bear this alone!

Sasha: !

Tenma: Anyway, when this Holy War began, surely,
: we all have the same feelings.

Sasha: Tenma...!!


A/H: Athena you...
: What the!!?

Sasha: Yes, Tenma.
: End this Holy War.

Tenma: Ah! The 3 of us,
:in a new beginning.

A/H: Kuh...
: Tinged with both of their strong Cosmo, Athena's blood is flowing forward...
: This is... This blood is...!!
: HOT!!!
: Touching Athena's blood...
: It burns My Soul from within!!

Sasha: My Sacred Blood includes my Biggest Cosmo,
: Hades!!


Tenma: !!
: This voice...!!
: Can it be.
: Headless Horses...Carriage...
: What...!?
: It's crashing in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pandora: While I'm absent, you bugs ganging up on Hades sama!
: The connection(destiny) of you living as family,
: I won't let that take away Hades sama!!!

[^^ Is Pandora here using her leg to seduce Alone back??? ^^]

Tenma: Pandora!! You're alive...!?

Pandora:  Of course!
: Holy War is not yet over!
: Your defeat is the only way to settle this!!


I translated LC Chapter 134! ^^

Alone/Hades: I'm glad Pegasus! You are risking your life to receive My power!
: That resoluteness is an offering to me!
: Your heat!
: In my brain, resurrected many times,
: That heat, punch, moment,
: Time of the Myths, the man who once wounded My... Underworld King's body,

Chapter 134 Explosion of Life

A/H: I will receive.
: Come, fast!
: Please thrust all of you[at me]!!!

Tenma:  Kuh...
: ...!!
: Ah yes!!
: I've decided to be resolute!
: All of it,
: make it end! Hades!!!
: both of us From then until now!!

Young Tenma: Alone?
: Your name is called Alone(All by yourself)?
: Are you lonely?

Young Alone: Uhm Uhm[No], I've always with Sasha(little sister).
: I'm not lonely.

Tenma: Alone...

A/H: My power... he used his body to receive it... No...
: Blended into it!? With his body...

Tenma: I have protected. I have promised...!!
: I
: I won't let you be alone, Alone!!
: Now
: I will thrust the many things I have learned from my companions!!
: Receive that power, blend with it, and become one with God's... Your Power,
: Like that,
: Explode the life
: To end this,
: No...
: Hah!
: Hih...!!
: Hah...
: Hah...
: Alone...
: Hah...
: ...!!
: Aha...
: No way...

A/H: I'm surprised.
: You tampered yourself to expand towards my Cosmo.
: You made me stake unto the second moon I made.
: ...but
: As expected, I'm a God, you're human.
: One [more] step,
: You missed just by one more step, Pegasus.
: One more step until Big Bang(Miracle).
: But for humans, it is an unreachable step.
: It's time to end it, yes?
: I feel the same way, Pegasus.
: I will cut off your life!!!

Tenma: Per
: fect...!!!
: Oh no... Already
: Can't move my body...!!!


Sasha: Long time, (Big)Brother.
: The 3 of us together since the battle at Sanctuary
: I'm happy,
: as Sasha.
: But now,
: that you wield your power as a God in front of us,
: let's fight the decisive battle,
: between Hades(Underworld King) and Athena(War Goddess)!!


I translated LC Chapter 133! ^^

Tenma: Yoh!
: Hades!
: Finally I've come to stand in front of you again!
: More tender than anyone,
: Love to draw, you,
: I've always promised to protect.

Chapter 133 Resolute(Prepared)


Aiacos: Pegasus... Close friend of the boy who became the vessel of Hades sama...
: But, with these two,
: It's like time has stopped for them...

Tenma: Hey
: You okay? 3 Magnate man!

Aiacos: Ha...
: I was once the 3 Magnates, never thought that a Bronze like you would be concerned about me.

Tenma: I'm not really concerned about a scoundrel like you.
: Just...
: I don't want anymore!!
: People dying for no reason in front of me!!

Aron/Hades: You're still the same, Pegasus.
: Just purely going forward,
: Burning, even though you won't know if your ideals will come true.
: The age of childhood has passed.
: For me who is already the Underworld King(Meiou), you are just a human.
: There will be lots more deaths coming in front of you.
: Just like beloved home, Libra, and those you consider just like family!!

Tenma: !!!
: Yes!
: It's not like that time(childhood age) anymore.
: I have pass through many lives to arrive here.
: I am alive because of their resoluteness.
: It can't be all for nothing!
: That's why.
: I have decided to be resolute too!! Hades!!
: PEGASUS COMET PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A/H: Indeed.
: Your hesitation has disappeared.

Tenma: Yes, I already,
: are only thinking of taking you down!!

Yato: Tenma!!?
: That guy!! He would fight with Hades...
: Sisyphos sama, can it be it's because...

Sisyphos: ...
: It's true that his Cosmo right now is close to completeness.
: He who is just a boy,
: Can grow that much...

A/H: What joy, Pegasus.
: You are more and more coming closer to Me.
: Just thinking about Me, you can raise your your Cosmo to such strength.
: I'm happy.
: Friend!(destined enemy)

Tenma: Hades!?

A/H: I will
: break you even onto your soul!!
: Goodbye
: You're scattered, Pegasus.
: Pegasus! You have stopped My power!?

Tenma: Hehe!
: This is the training of the Canon Island Demon!!
: Your power is not enough!!
: Now, Receive this!
: This is the resoluteness I've reached.
: The promise I've made to you,
: Those who have fallen, I will all answer!!


I bought Saori Kido CM recently and I have been playing with it with other real and fake accessories
and figures. Hope you guys like these pics! ^^
僕は城戸沙織聖衣神話を買いました、そして、真と偽物の 装身具、他の玩具と共に遊びました。 この写真を楽しんでくださいね!^^

Athena:"Who ordered you to come here?"
Touma:"Your sister, Artemis!!"
アテナ 「誰が君をここに行けるのを命じたのですか?」
斗馬 「君の姉君、アルテミス!!」

Athena pretends to die and Sion secretly teaches Athena how to use her Cane and Shield.
アテナは死のふりをする後、シオンは影にアテナに女神の 杖と盾の使い方を教えてる。

Saga wants to kill Athena but at the same time he hits himself with Athena's Cane!!
サガはアテナを殺そうとするが同時に、女神の杖を自分に 刺さる!!

Saga has killed Athena,finally he has both her weapons!!

Poseidon is free! He is happy!!
ポセイドンが自由した! 彼は楽しい!!

Athena seals him again!!

Athena:"I am pretty!"
SD Athena:"No! I am prettier!!"
アテナ 「私は美しい!」
SD アテナ 「いや! 私はもっと美しい!!」

Baby Athena in her basket in her chair.

Athena with her Cane and Shield.

Hyoga wearing his God Cloth and finding Athena in her Sleep Jug!!
氷河は神聖衣を着て、眠りの大瓶に置いたのアテナを探し た!!

Athena and Shiryu fighting against the hand of the Giant, Typhon!!


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